How to build a boat with your own hands? Where would you start? What project should you pick? How to find all the necessary materials? How to choose an engine? And so on and so forth. Thousands of people worldwide are pondering these questions. Many people want to build their own boat to be able to use it for their hobbies and needs. But you don’t know everything about building a boat, right?

If you found my website not by accident, but in search of information on building boats, then surely you will find a lot of interesting and useful information here. I have tried to collect it from many different sources, I confirmed it in practice and wrote everything up. Realizing that everything cannot be covered at once, I will continue to systematically add the most interesting and comprehensive materials to the site in the future. Here you will find boat projects, drawings of boats, as well as information on techniques of their construction.

I find the process of building boats, just like any other machine, creative and very exciting, since the builder has to master the basics of many different specialities: designer, carpenter, mechanic, assembler, welder, painter, etc. Even when working with a ready-made project, you must revise plans, make changes to the project, especially in regards to the use of other materials, engine, or just with a desire to make his boat more comfortable.

This site is dedicated to the non-professional boatbuilders whose main profession may be far from boatbuilding and operation of water vessels. But so that a boat is built properly, and delights the future owner, one must have a certain minimum amount of expertise. And to convey this knowledge to you, this site was created. Possessing the required knowledge, as well as some persistence and diligence, you can easily build your favorite boat. Before you choose a project, you must decide on what you need. The main criteria for evaluating this is the following: availability of free time, financial sustainability of the project, the level of your qualifications, and of course a firm intention to finish your project. All of this depends on you, on your perseverance and diligence! I, as much as possible, will try to help you realize your dream!