Get a rental car in St Barths easily

Yes, there are car rentals in St Barths. Located in the Caribbean, the island offers a lot in terms of tourism and relaxation all in one tiny island. Activities are relatively close on such a small-sized island, but walking in the sun might not be so much fun. car rentals in St Barths offer the best transport opportunities on the windy and narrow roads crossing the island. Getting spectacular views on the drive is one of the most beautiful times on the island as you drive uphill or seaside. Here are some activities you can enjoy on the island of St Barths.


The airport surprises most new visitors with the short runway that ends right at the beach. Yes, you can land and go to the beach, well, not in the airport necessarily. Booking a car rental from one of the offices near the airport is easy, especially with a pre-arranged car. Ensure you get an offroad vehicle as some of the villas and hiking spots require a bit of offroading and may require a more powerful vehicle. Other than that, there are electric cars on offer too. These silent modes of transport offer a quiet drive through the narrow streets. Filling up during the week is vital as the two gas stations available are closed on Sundays, and an empty fuel tank may mean you have to walk the rest of the way to the beach. Plan ahead, especially in peak season, as prices can differ from different car rental offices.

Hotels and Villas

Most of the island can be covered in minutes when driving from one end to the other in just half an hour. Walking might be fun, but driving is more comfortable with all the luggage to be moved in the hot sun. Hotels are dotted around the island, from the Eden rock hotel to the Le Barthelemy Hotel and spa; visitors are spoilt for choice. Picnicing is all the craze and can save you a few euros from the resorts, and you can bring it with you to check out the views. Few rooms are on offer; thus, most accommodation is in the villas. These can be found on the island, and some are located some distance from the road, thus requiring the all-wheel-drive cars to move a little higher up the hill. Taxis are available but are expensive and have to be called as they can not be hailed from the roadside. The villas are comfortable and offer spectacular views of the ocean and the red rooftops of the town and the island homes.

Beaches, Hiking and Swimming

The island of St Barths has more than twenty beaches. Some are more visited than others, while some are more secluded. Meeting a celebrity or two letting their hair down is not uncommon on the white sandy beaches. The more secluded beaches can be reached by hiking the trail or yacht. St Barths is an island, yes, it is surrounded by the ocean, but it also has an inland water body that is good for swimming out of the ocean at the grand natural pool. Hiking or driving to the location is an option. Hiking the Colombier trail leads to an amazing private beach that is only accessible also by chartering a yacht to the sandy shores.

Gustavia Shopping Strip

St Barths is a duty-free nation, and shopping in the countless chic designer shops is a must for tourists. With major brands like Dolce and Gabbana to Loius Vuitton and jewelry shops. The narrow streets of Gustavia, the capital, and the harbor, offer spectacular views of shops on one side and the marina on the other.
With no public transport on the island, car rentals in St Barths offer a budget-friendly way to view and experience the island, from private villas to public beaches, no wonder many celebrities come to play on the island. In peak season, a sailing enthusiast can see beautiful yachts on the marina with the rich coming to show their might and enjoy the sun. Open-air cafes line the roads, and parking might be challenging to come by. The cars offered are small and can navigate the roads without much hustle but walking around Gustavia is more fun. With forts on one end and the red rooftops of the homes and shops on the end of the harbor, it is lovely to watch the sunset on the water.
The night scene is not to be missed. Beach parties go on all night in the luxury villas and resorts. Enjoying the private parties of the elite and having dinner next to some notable people is a beautiful experience. Ensure you pack appropriately for the dinner parties. The French origin of the island offers high-end cuisines, and the chefs prepare lovely gourmet meals in the four-star restaurants around the island.
The French Caribbean island offers the best of both worlds. It is safe and private with a lot of fun to be achieved. Let the roof down and enjoy the wind on your face as you drive through the island in your convertible. The weather is perfect all year round, with a rainy season from July to September. With pre-pandemic figures of more than two hundred thousand visitors in a year, this shows how high the demand on the island is; thus, booking a car rental in advance may save you the hustle.

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