What Essentials Do You Need To Pack For Travel 

Whether you are traveling for vacation or work purposes, it is vital that you take time out and pack the essential items you need for going away. There are a few things you need to take that could later come in handy. And you may appreciate your past self. 



The ultimate guide to picking the most useful things for your trip


Portable chargers and USBs 

Chargers are probably the most vital item for taking with you on the trip. You require your phone for photos, videos, emails, text messages, and anything you can think of. Make sure you pack at least two or three portable chargers along with you on day trips or for when you will not have a hotel room available. 


Jackets and socks 

Even if you plan to go somewhere warm, it is vital you take a couple of pairs of jackets and socks. It could get chilly at night, and you may end up with super cold feet, so take a few pairs of socks and jackets with you to wear whenever you would feel like it. You can choose thinner jackets if you feel like it. 



Sunscreen is perhaps the most crucial item. You should consider packing high-quality sunscreen with you to go on a trip. If you are going to spend most of your time out on the beach or even pools, you must bring sunscreen with you to help protect your skin from the dangers of sun rays. And do not worry, you can still tan with sunscreen on. 



As discussed, these few things may seem useless, but they are probably some of the most vital ones. Make sure you make a list of other things that are custom to your needs, such as vitamins or hairclips. And most importantly, remember to have fun on your trip. 

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They travel with me.

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Joana has been accompanying me on my travels and in my life for 5 years now. She travels mainly to meet people and discover their traditions. But I still manage to show her landscapes and show her the cities we pass through.


We met this Australian couple during our holidays in Cuba. We got to know each other in a bar and we got on very well, to the point of changing our holidays to stay together, them as well as us. We organise our trips together when our desires match.