Want to live a travel lifestyle? Here are some tips on how to start

When we see people traveling around the world, we sometimes wish ourselves to leave everything behind, pick a bag and get on the road. As much as the idea sounds nice, many consider the idea hard to accomplish. With average incomes, is it possible to travel around the world?

It may not be easy, but not impossible either. “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” You need the desire to drive you to leave your place and move to the next. Don’t know if you have it or not? That’s okay. Try taking a short trip to a place you want to go to at least once in your life. When you come back, think if you want to continue on the road. 



Once you’ve decided that you want to, get on the road now. Don’t put it off on another time.


Plan Ahead

If you are traveling for the first time, prepare well for the trip. While some find it easy to just jump on the plane and land wherever they like, many cannot. Consider the currency of your country as well as the country you are planning to visit. For example, a person from a country like Pakistan with weak currency needs to plan a budget if the destination is a country with stronger currency such as the US. 


How to generate funds?

While many use their savings, others find ways to earn during the trip. Some people teach, freelance online, or even work a traveling blog to generate an income. Flexibility is the key to coping with the financial instabilities that come with traveling.


Travel with Minimalism   

Keep things you only need. If your destination is an expensive country like Europe, consider saving if you want to travel ahead. For accommodation, look for hostels or even staying at friends’ places. When spending, invest in things you need and not what you want. This will ensure you have enough to travel longer.

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They travel with me.

Young Woman Traveler Chinese Temple Concept

Joana has been accompanying me on my travels and in my life for 5 years now. She travels mainly to meet people and discover their traditions. But I still manage to show her landscapes and show her the cities we pass through.


We met this Australian couple during our holidays in Cuba. We got to know each other in a bar and we got on very well, to the point of changing our holidays to stay together, them as well as us. We organise our trips together when our desires match.